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Who We Are

A formidable team, built from decades of Motorsport, Design, Simulation and Manufacturing Experience.

Sean Yoder

Founder & CTO

Sean has over 25 years experience in Professional Simulation and Gaming. He has been fortunate to travel the world developing state of the art motorsport simulation hardware/software for some of the biggest names in motorsport and bring the the very best in experiential event program creation/management around the world. He has pulled the knowledge gained from those experiences into NEMESIS LAB to develop our cutting-edge simulation and gaming hardware.

Pete Panaia


Pete has more than half a lifetime of Professional experience in the creation of 3D/Texture and other artistic assets involved in AAA simulation and game software development. His technical acumen shines through when bringing NEMESIS LAB hardware designs to life using the latest high-end technical software and hardware.

He has traveled extensively bringing large scale experiential events to life and now applies the knowledge gained from those programs to every aspect of NEMESIS LAB


Jim Bur


Jim brings over 32 years of global creative and business acumen to NEMESIS LAB – 15+ years in marketing/event management and 16+ years of business/brand/licensing development in the automotive and mobility segments. He is also a degreed automotive industrial designer, rounding out his ability to connect the dots between enthusiasts, business/legal, finance and creative teams that are integral to the success of


Businesswoman with Mask

Fred Schechter

Research and Development

West Coast Sales

Fred has been racing sims since 1996, and a professional industrial designer for over 20 years. He makes custom peripherals for NEMESIS LAB (wheels, pedals, button boxes, and more). He's usually in the lab working on crazy things for us and other clients with his pug out on the west coast.

Fred Pic_edited.jpg

aka: Bounty Hunter


All things fast and majestic move us. We have been fortunate to have Greyhounds in our lives for the last 20 years. Fred is the inspiration for the

NEMESIS LAB logo and so much more!

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