1/8th Scale NL02

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That price sounds steep. But we are carving this NL02 replica out of a block of solid unobtanium, with our teeth. The controls, monitor, PC and VR all work perfectly and we know your hamsters, rats and guinea pigs are all looking for some serious e-sports action!

But wait... There's More! Buy Now and receive four rolls of Charmin, 6 8oz. bottles of purell and a Ferrari 430 Scuderia... in the color of your choice.... as long as it's pink! 

Download, print, and color this coloring book style PDF to design and select your perfect custom design. Then email it back to us at 

Just Kidding! : )  Making sure you guys are paying attention. We do kinda want to make one of these though.

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***Contact us at or give us a call at (205) 289-8421‬ and we will create a custom shipping solution for you. Our larger items require multiple boxes to ship. Because of this, we have found offering custom shipping solutions to our clients  allows us to conform to best practices for shipping in your country and actually saves our clients money as we can reach out to our network of shipping partners to secure the best rate possible.***

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After submitting your request for a quote and we have constructed your perfect NEMESIS LAB hardware solution, we will create an invoice for you through our PayPal portal. All transactions are handled through PayPal for Business.