What's New??? Quite A Lot Actually....

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What's New??? Quite A Lot Actually....

Let's start this one off with a, "We hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and racing, flying and playing what you love! 

The first of our NL02 Motorsport Chassis have left the shop and are up and running at their new homes! The first went to Oklahoma and helped us prove once and for all we can fit the tallest of the tall in our chassis with perfect ergonomics! Stay tuned for a video of this 6'7" driver shortly! : )

Oklahoma NL02:

The Second chassis delivered was actually the first Turn Key NL02 to leave the Lab and Yoda flew out to San Francisco for the week to get Red Panther Motorsport dialed in! The trip was epic and interesting in many ways. Red Panther now has a dialed sim, Yoda got to spend some time with Fred Schechter (NEMESIS LAB west coast master of design) and the Schechter clan. We wrapped up the week at Buttonwillow with Red Panther Motorsport and some amazing United States Touring Car Championship action! Here are some pics from the Nor-Cal down to Buttonwillow portion of the journey. Mega thanks for all the hospitality while we were on the west coast! Can't wait to get back out there for some more. 

Red Panther Motorsport Turn Key PC/VR NL02:

Red Panther at Buttonwillow and Mr. Baumann on the 2nd Podium Step:

San Francisco Skies were INSANE: