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So... After two years of R&D and many many sleepless nights, is LIVE!!!! We would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has believed in us and bought into our dream of bringing a fresh spin on simulation and gaming hardware into the world. There are a handful of folks who made this possible and we can not say thank you enough for your belief in our vision! Thanks for jumping in early and having a look around. Let us know what you dig and even more importantly, let us know if we have missed something. Is there a...

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Either you know E-Sports has entered a new era already or you are about to find out in a BIG way!  I am sitting in the office down here in Alabama and can't figure out which Sim Race to watch there are so many choices today! From NASCAR and FOX televising a field full of Professional Drivers. Head over to Formula 1 and it's more of the same with most of that series top talent heading to the "Not the Bahrain Gran Prix" event running in Codemasters excellent F1 2019 software. there are 23k people watching the F1 event on...

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